Welcome to Colin's Beauford Project

This site is intended to chronicle my efforts to build a Beauford Tourer 4 door Long-bodied Kit. If anyone is contemplating the same, I hope you find it useful.


Having built two kit cars previously a Dutton Phaeton over 30 years ago and a Westfield SEi, just over 20 years ago, I wanted something a bit easier to get in and out of. I looked around and thought about it for a while, I wanted a car that would seat more than two in a little comfort with classic styling.


So I decided on the Beauford because I could also supplement the running of it and also make a little money by using it as a wedding car. I went up to the factory in Stoke-on-Trent and had a chat with the guys there, they were very friendly and helpful. 


What have I let myself in for?


Anyway, I suppose the project officially started when my bid was successful for the donor car, 27th March 2011. I'm not counting the searching and failed bids of the previous two months.


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